Request for fireworks sales in Twin Lakes approved

Photo by singhajaykr25 via


Photo by singhajaykr25 via

A request for a permit to sell fireworks from a tent in Twin Lakes this summer was approved at a special Village Board meeting Monday.

When last discussed before the Village Board the request drew critical comments from Trustee Tim Connolly, who said he would like to see the village ban all fireworks sales within its limits. Connolly, a fire prevention inspector for an Illinois municipality, said his experience shows even seemingly innocuous fireworks like sparklers are dangerous.

Monday’s vote did draw no votes from Connolly and Trustee Michael Moran.

Black Bull Fireworks, 470 N. Lake Ave., sought the permit. They sold fireworks in the village last summer.

After a Plan Commission meeting on the topic, Black Bull agreed to several conditions such as having fire extinguishers on site, securing storage and labeling the unit as containing “explosives,” village administrator David Cox said.


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