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Photo by jdurham via morgueFile.com

Photo by jdurham via morgueFile.com

Why did the Salem School tax levy referendum fail?

A school board member said it was the economy. A referendum supporter said it was the economy. Referendum opponents said it was the economy.

Was it the economy for you?

Leave a comment to this post and tell us why you voted the way you did in the referendum — yes or no. You can use your name or a screen name when leaving a comment. You will be requried to register and comments are subject to moderation, so they may take some time to appear but I’ll be checking fequently.



  1. Dave Dienethal says:

    I am sick and tired of paying for the “extras” that parents try to disguise under the name of “education”.

    I am all for a quality education for our youth (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic). This, and only this, will I ever consider any tax increase!

    It is a parents’ (and only a parents’) financial obligation to their children, to provide the funds needed for their childrens “extracurricular” whims!

    Do not turn me into a socialist!

    This is a capalistic society and as such, capatilize on your own abilities this great nation allows and provide these “extras” yourselves. If you can’t afford it, WE CAN’T EITHER!

    I vote no now and always will.

  2. natalie says:

    Mr. Dienethal,

    Most parents I know are willing to pay for the extras. Obviously you are not aware that the school has a cap on what the state will allow them to charge individual families.

    We do live in a capitalist society as you pointed out. I’m sure you enjoy the roads you drive on, the sidewalks you walk on and quite possibly the unemployment benefits you collect. Well we all pay for that too. According to your plan maybe the tax payers should only pay for the portions of public works and services which we use. In fact I’m “sick and tired” of paying social security for current recipients when it is said there won’t be any money left in the s.s. fund for my generation when I retire in 25 years.

  3. Phyllis says:

    I voted NO because the School Board members lack leadership in the running of the school. EX: A large amount of money was paid to get rid of a past Administer. Had this money not been foolishly spend, there would not be a need for this referendum.
    The teachers at Salem Grade School are terrific and doing A+ work. I was extremely impresssed with the Math group competition.

  4. LOL scout says:

    LOL the reason salem fails is because of the cookies XD
    salem is a scout =D =D =D
    scout formula: cookie + buyers = Raise in Salem’s School tax levy referendum

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