Bristol to compile public works hiring list

bristol_logo_89_109Everyone would probably prefer the economy were much better. But since it is what it is, and more people than usual are out of work, Bristol town administrator Randy Kerkman wants to see if the economy might improve the pool of candidates for a Public Works Department position.

Kerkman asked for — and received — permission to compile a new hiring list for the public works department. The town’s use of public works employees as responders for medical and fire calls in the town during the work week is a key factor.

“With the economy the way it is there are a lot of people looking for jobs,” Kerkman explained. “We might find someone who is an EMT or intermediate” rather than having to train an individual.

The department hired an employee last month and has another position open. If the new list uncovered a “perfect candidate,” Kerkman said he would come back to the board to fill the remaining slot. Otherwise, it would remain open for a while.

The board vote was unanimous for compiling the new list.

“I think it’s good to be prepared,” said Supervisor Ruth Atwood.

The three people on the current list have already been notified to reapply if they wish, Kerkman said.


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