Randall revising lake use ordinances sans panel

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Randall is working on bringing its lake use ordinances into line with state laws.

But that process including a special committee to oversee the process doesn’t seem likely after Thursday’s Town Board meeting.

The town has been working on aligning its ordinances with state regulations for lake use, explained town Chairman Bob Stoll, leading his first board meeting since winning the chairman election earlier this month.

“It’s a work in progress at this point,” Stoll said.

Supervisor Rose Nolan asked to put formation of a committee to oversee the process on a future Town Board meeting agenda. But Stoll said he didn’t think such a committee would be necessary since all the interested constituencies will be involvedĀ in the process and there will be public meetings along the way.

“There are going to be ample opportunites for public comment,” Stoll said. “I don’t know that we need to reinvent the wheel.”

Nolan continued to press for formation of the committee to be on an agenda, but Stoll said he would decide if that would be the case.


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