Twin Lakes trustee proposes fireworks sales ban

A Twin Lakes village trustee who works as a fire inspector and has 40 years of experience in various forms of fire service said Monday he would like to see the village ban all fireworks sales within its borders.

“I would like to see us redo our village regulations … regarding the sale of fireworks,” said Trustee Thomas Connolly. “It’s kind of ludicrous that fireworks are illegal (to use) in the state, but you can sell them.”

Twin Lakes Trustee Thomas Connelly, who works as a fire inspector, says sparklers cna burn at 1,800 degrees.

Twin Lakes Trustee Thomas Connolly, who works as a fire inspector, says sparklers can burn at 1,800 degrees.

Connolly’s statement came just before the announcement that a fireworks sales permit will be before the Plan Commission Wednesday.

Deanna Delimat, a co-owner of  Black Bull Fireworks, which sold fireworks in the village last summer and is seeking to do so again this year, defended her company’s sales as being of low-key fireworks that are legal for use in Wisconsin. She added that her company plans to hand out safety info to customers and cited statistics that show fireworks related injuries are decreasing despite fireworks sales increasing.

“We ask you to remain neutral,” Delimat said to the board. “We’re just like any other seasonal business trying to make it…”

Connolly was unmoved by Delimat’s arguments and said after the meeting that he has seen too many injuries in his career — even from sparklers — to back any local fireworks sales.

“I voted against them last year and I will again this year,” Connolly said.

Connolly acknowledged Delimnat may take every precaution, but that there was inherent danger in fireworks.

“I’ve seen a lot of people hurt by sparklers,” said Connelly, a fire inspector for Schaumburg, Illinois. “She has no control of them after they’re gone. The problem is people give them to little kids.”

Twin Lakes is not the only west of the I village where fireworks sales have attracted attention. Last week, Paddock Lake also discussed banning such sales in the future, though they will be allowed this year there.

Wednesday’s Twin Lakes Plan Commission meeting agenda  includes Black Bull’s request to conduct retail fireworks sales. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Village Hall.

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