NSA kicks off softball season with tourney at Lumpy’s

B&M Fencing/Lumpys

B&M Fencing/Lumpy's.

The NSA kicked off its softball season Saturday with a Cash World Series Qualifier for the Class D and E teams at Lumpy’s Sports Bar in Salem.

The brackets were set so that D teams played D teams and E teams played E teams as long as possible. The result was that B&M Fencing/Lumpy’s Sports Bar, a D team, met Xtreme Softball, an E team, in the championship game of the winners bracket. B& M Fencing/Lumpy’s prevailed 12 to 9 in a game where the lead changed 5 times.

 In this double elimination tournament, Xtreme Softball then defeated Players’ Park/Asphalt, a D team, 22-12 to face B&M Fencing/ Lumpy’s Sports Bar again in the championship game. B & M Fencing/Lumpy’s Sports Bar jumped out to a 5-0 lead after one inning and try as they might, Xtreme couldn’t overcome those runs and lost 15-11.


Xtreme Softball

 State director Jim Valentine said it was a great tournament.

“Thirteen teams are more teams that we have had for a tournament for a number of years,” Valentine said. “The only concern we had for the day was the weather and with Sunday’s forecast of cold and rain we were under a lot of pressure to get the games in Saturday night. We received a lot of great comments on the tournament from many of the teams who said they were looking forward to more tournaments this summer. We are very grateful to all of the teams for participating. It was a great time.”

 The final standings were:

  1.  B&M Fencing (D) , 5-0 , $750, with World Series and Regional Bid.
  2. Xtreme Softball (E), 4-2, $400, with a World Series and Regional Bid.
  3. Players Park/Asphalt (D), 5-2, $250 and a Regional Bid.
  4. Uncle Mike’s/Chaos (E), 3-2, $200 and a Regional Bid.
  5. Convicts (E), 2-2, a Regional Bid.
  6. THEMshirts.com/Worth (D), 1-2, a Regional Bid.
  7. Schmidties/THEMshirts (E), 1-2.
  8.  scores irish/toppers pizza (D), 2-2.
  9. Who Dat (E), 0-2.
  10. Venom (D), 1-2.
  11. 5 Star Softball (D), 0-2.
  12. Kaspers (E), 0-2.
  13. Budweiser/Electro-Glo (D), 0-2.

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