Paddock Lake delays banning fireworks sales


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If fireworks are illegal in Wisconsin, why are they sold in Paddock Lake?

The Paddock Lake Village Board was ready to end those sales Wednesday, but instead decided to take the issue back to the Police and Fire Committee for discussion at its July meeting.

The Salem Fire Department had numerous concerns about the safety of the tents the fireworks are sold from. Trustee Chris Bucko, chairman of the Police and Fire Committee, said this was to be the last year fireworks would be sold in the village. And only vendors who followed safety measures would receive selling permits. They would need to prove there is an evacuation plan and provide an electric source to eliminate the use of extension cords.


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The fireworks sold are not explosives, such as firecrackers or bottle rockets, these are novelty fireworks – smoke bombs, sparklers, snakes, snaps, and the like.

“Alone, it’s a novelty,” said Trustee and President-elect Marlene Goodson. “Put it all together, and it’s one big explosion.”

Building inspector Tim Popanda will inspect the tents and monitor each to make sure no one is smoking nearby and minors are not sold the products, which has been reported in the past.

“It’s illegal to possess fireworks,” Trustee Terry Burns said. “Why we sell is beyond me. I wanted to ban it this year.”

Several vendors in attendance argued that they’re only in business for a few weeks out of the year. The fireworks they sell are not illegal to possess. They pay taxes and are as legitimate as any other business in the village, they argued.

The fireworks may no longer be sold in the village; however, President David Buehn knows that will not end the July 4th celebrations.

“We can stop these guys from selling fireworks, but on the 4th you will hear fireworks,” said Buehn, who led his last meeting as president. He was defeated in the February primary election when he sought re-election.

In other business, the village passed a property maintenance code ordinance. The ordinance is designed to eliminate junk vehicles in the village, houses in disrepair and trash on properties. Similar to the ordinance passed by the Salem Town Board this week which effects property owners, Paddock Lake land owners who lease can be fined for misconduct by their renters.

The owner of a premise that has generated two or more calls for police services resulting in arrest or citations for nuisance activities causing an unnecessary burden on
taxpayers will be penalized.

Violation of this ordinance will result in a penalty not to exceed $1,000 plus costs and expenses of prosecution.


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