If you see a mountain lion …

Mountain lion courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Mountain lion courtesy Wikimedia Commons

No more sightings yet, apparently, of the mountain lion that was reported in Twin Lakes Thursday.

But just in case you do find yourself face to face with a cougar, here’s some advice from Marty Johnson, Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist.

  • Make yourself look large
  • Be noisy
  • Don’t run. That triggers a chase instinct in the cat.
  • Try to back away and maintain eye contact.

Mountain lions are not considered Wisconsin resident animals. And they generally don’t hang out where people are.

“These animals don’t like to be around people,” Johnson said. “They’re secretative.”

One clue as to if there is a mountain lion in the area is if you see a dead animal that has been covered with dirt or grass. This is a cougar habit. If you find such a kill, you want to leave. The cat could be close by, Johnson said.

If you see a mountain lion you are asked to call Johnson at 262-884-2391.


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