Residents may have to pay for gypsy moth spraying


Adult gypsy moth. Photo source:


Residents of a designated area of Twin Lakes will likely be getting their properties sprayed for gypsy moths — but they may have to pay for the privilege.

The Village Board discussed charging residents at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting at Village Hall.

In the past the village has  billed residents for what amounts to the village’s portion of the aerial spraying bill. The state pays the rest.

The per parcel cost for village residents was estimated to be about $20.50 per parcel, village administrator David Cox said.

Gypsy moths are a non-native species considered a pest that can eat away tree leaves to the extent of harming the tree.

The 54 affected parcels are all on East Lake Shore Drive and Grandview Lane.

The village has not participated in a moth spraying program for about four years. The need to look at another spraying was prompted by resident complaints, Cox said.

To qualify, the village had to show a certain concentration of moths. That was determined by Cox surveying 36-foot diameter circles in the target area for visible egg masses. Those numbers were then used to calculate whether the village’s infestation was sufficent for spraying.

Howard Skinner, village president, asked Cox at the meeting if such work was in his job description.

“Other duties as assigned,” Cox answered.

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