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Welcome to westofthei.com. Karen and I are striving to make this site the ultimate source of news and information about Western Kenosha County. Here you should expect to find information about local people, local government, local schools, local business and anything else that has an impact on people who live in Western Kenosha County. We will be looking to keep our posts complete, but easy to read and with plenty of photos and video. Our philosophy about what is worthy of placing on westofthei.com is pretty broad — as long as it has to do with WKC. Our approach to community journalism has long been there’s no story too small for the big treatment. On westofthei.com, we intend to live by that motto. Expect a lot of daily updates, so keep coming back to see what’s the latest.

Most posts will be enabled with comments, with the hope that we can get some community conversations going . The site is completely searchable, so you should be able to easily find earlier stories about whatever topic interests you. We also will be looking for your help in other ways. We plan to have a regular weekly feature called “Assignment Desk” where readers will be able to make suggestions about a story we should cover. The story idea that gets the most support in the comments will be to the one we look into.¬†We’re always open to hearing news tips and publishing publicity about things that are happening here either in advance or after they have taken place. Stay in touch with us at westofthei@yahoo.com.

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So thanks for finding us here and come again.



  1. Ginger Randolph says:

    Hey,I heard about you from a good friend of mine and I am glad that I did. I already read some of your articles and learned more in an easier fashion that I have from any other newspaper. Thank you for taking care of this side of the Interstate.

  2. This is our home too and we do care about it. Thanks for noticing and visiting the website. Keep coming back.

  3. I am so glad you told me about this web site, It is something we west of the I need thank you again. I wish you luck with this project.

  4. Julie Kerkman says:

    Thank you for doing this! It is great to finally have someone who will celebrate, acknowledge, and give credit to the wonderful people and great communities “West of the I.”

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