Tollway has a deal for you


A lot of Western Kenosha County residents commute out of the county to work. Many of those people head south on the Tri-State Tollway. If you’re one of them, the Illinois Tollway Authority has news that might be of interest to you if you’ve ever — I’m sure completely on accident — been caught without toll money or having left your I-Pass in the other car. From the press release:

Effective March 26, the Toll Violation Spring Cleaning Program is available to any toll violator with notices dated prior to June 30, 2009. The program offers a limited-time opportunity to waive $50 fine escalations and defer license plate/driver’s license suspensions – providing violators more time to come up with funds to resolve outstanding violation accounts before additional penalties are applied. … As of the end of March, about 600,000 outstanding violation notices would qualify to participate in the Toll Violation Spring Cleaning Program.

Apparently, this is the tollway authority’s idea of a stimulus package:

“The Tollway recognizes today’s tough economy is impacting everyone and this new Toll Violation Spring Cleaning Program can assist toll violators with an extended deadline to reconcile accounts without penalty,” said Acting Executive Director Michael King.


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