Patricia Warner for Paddock Lake village trustee

Here are some facts you should know about my candidacy for Paddock Lake village trustee:

  • I have lived in the village 28 years.
  • I have attended committee meetings, board meetings, planning board meetings for years now.
  • I have toured public works, sewer treatment plant, salt shed, all the buildings.
  • I have been talking to staff at the village hall and am known by them.
  • I have volunteered for: Picnic in the park and donated,Fourth of July, Craft Fair had a booth and baked for the bake sale, Christmas Party, Bingo, Easter Party.
  • I have been a den mother, teacher’s aide, and room mother.
  • I am a hard worker, straight talker, problem solver, always asking questions like why? Cost?
  • I will listen and get the facts.
  • I have a budget and paid bills for 38 years and counting.
  • I will work for everyone in Paddock Lake and try to save our tax dollars wherever I can. We have a $10 million sewer treatment plant to build, a well on the west to pay for, sewer bills that will continue to rise and this effects me as well as every resident in Paddock Lake.
  • I care and I will try my very best to help us all.


Patricia Warner


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