Golf tip of the Week: Course Management

Photo courtesy of Twin Lakes Country Club

Welcome to another installment of our golf tips feature, sponsored by Twin Lakes Country Club.

This week’s tip is offered by Chad Cantwell, pro at Twin Lakes Country Club, two-time Kenosha County Open champion and holder of  the all-time low scoring average record at University of Wisconsin-Parkside:

Course Management:

Hitting fairways off the tee is a very important part of scoring low. Know your ball flight and don’t fight it. For example, you can make your fairways twice as wide if you follow one simple rule. Use the side of the tee box on which your ball curves to. If your ball moves left to right (a slice or exaggerated fade for right handers), tee the ball up on the far right hand side of the tee box next to the tee marker. Aim your clubface and align your shoulders down the left rough. That way if your ball does slice, it will end up in the middle of the fairway or just in the right rough. Too many golfers tee the ball up in the middle of the tee box and aim down the center. The ball ends up in the trees on the right or out of bounds. Use the whole tee box and play to your strengths. More fairways hit means more greens in regulation!

Twin Lakes Country Club is located at 1230 Legion Drive, Twin Lakes, (262) 877-2500.

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