A word from our sponsors: Westosha Sports Complex & INVICTUS Training offering strength and agility class

Note: This is a paid announcement from Westosha Sports Complex. — DH

After an extensive search Westosha Sports Complex has partnered up with the owner of INVICTUS Training to offer a strength and agility class. If you are looking for a class for your young athlete that is a step above most programs look no further. Call to sign up at 262-885-6110.

This program will offer group training concentrating on baseball/softball focused training to increase explosive speed, core strength, upper body strength, speed and agility. During the training there will also be mental preparation training that will increase your athlete’s mental capacity and help them realize their true physical and mental potential.

Cost: $120 per participant.

5 p.m. on March 14, 21, April 4, 11, 18, 25.

More info and sign-up is here.

Central HS board to select John Gendron as new district administrator

The Central High School Board has selected an individual from another Western Kenosha County School District as its next district administrator.

The board is expected to approve John Gendron, the current Randal School District administrator, as the next Central administrator at the Central School Board’s meeting Feb. 19, a district news release distributed Friday said.

From the news release:

Central High School Board President Steve Richter announced today that the board will be voting Tuesday night, February 19, to approve the selection of John Gendron for the position of Central High School District of Westosha District Administrator. Mr. Gendron was chosen as the new district administrator from a field of six qualified individuals. Mr. Gendron is currently the District Administrator at Randall Consolidated School in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Mr. Gendron brings strong communication, relationship building, and fiscal skills, along with nine years of experience as a district administrator in local schools. “The Board looks forward to welcoming John Gendron to the Westosha Central District and to the families that we serve,” said Central Board President Steve Richter. “Mr. Gendron stood out among the candidates for his student-focused, decision-making practices that encompass strategic planning. We want to thank our staff and community who played an active role during the interview process. We believe that Mr. Gendron will be a leader who will build upon Central’s educational excellence.” The Wisconsin Association of School Boards served as the search firm for the District Administrator search and provided guidance to the Board of Education through a two-round interview process. If approved at the February 19 Board meeting, Mr. Gendron will officially begin his duties on July 1, 2019.

Gendron succeeds R. Scott Pierce, who served as Central’s district administrator since 2008.

Windy Friday; snow on Sunday

It’s windy out there on Friday morning.

It’s not so much the sustained winds, which are at 10 to 15 mph, but the gusts, which can be as high as 30 mph. Consequently, wind chills will be a factor in your comfort outside Friday. The high temperature is expected to reach 19 and wind chills will be between zero and -10, says the latest, local National Weather Service forecast.

Saturday will be warmer with a high of 26 and not as gusty.

Sunday, we should get some more snow, 1 to 2 inches of it. High temperature in the high 20s.

Units responding for burning in Trevor

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At about 3:56 p.m., Salem Lakes Fire/Rescue units are responding to a report of burning in the 28600 block of 109th Street in Trevor.

Units responding to Bristol School for a medical call

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At about 2:10 p.m., Bristol Fire and Rescue units and a sheriff’s deputy are responding to Bristol School for a medical call.

Per dispatch: Patient was choking. Is conscious and breathing, but may have something still in their throat. They also have a nose bleed.

UPDATE 2:11 p.m. — Salem Lakes Fire/Rescue requested to respond as mutual aid.

Units responding for crash in Bristol

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At about 1:34 p.m., Bristol Fire and Rescue units and sheriff’s deputies are responding to a report of a crash at Highways U and C in Bristol.

Per dispatch: Two vehicles involved. Injuries being reported.

UPDATE 1:38 p.m. — Deputy requests one tow for a vehicle with heavy front end damage.

UPDATE 1:42 p.m. — Deputy requests tow for another vehicle.

Central High School 2018-19 first semester honor roll

Note: This post sponsored by Subway of Paddock Lake and Twin Lakes. — DH

The following students were named to the Central High School honor roll for the first semester 2018-19 school year:

Straight As

Freshmen –– William Allen, Austin Dority, Ariana Eiler, Gina Grenyo, Sophia Hull, Reese Johnston, Aryna Karnila, Carly Lois, Ethan Mahaffee, Amanda Palmen, Evan Rosenick, Tyler Schoolcraft, Dean Serritella, Kaitlyn Sweeney, Bryan Topercer, Caden Troha, Kali Vassos, Dakota Veium, Kacper Volbrecht.

Sophomores –– Jillian Adams, Paul Capelli, Noah Dufek. Kelsey Timko, Jack Weis.

Juniors — Seth Bayles, Grace Bendix, Ashlee Calkins, Samantha Ceisel, Ethan Chyla, William De Goey, Lorenzo del Aguila, Matthew Grenyo, Walker MacIsaac, Monika Panszczyk, Rebekka Pelli, Keller Resh, Zoe Shanaver, Ryan Spafford, Grace Ziehm.

Seniors — Andrew Billman, Tommasina Capelli, Heidi Dittmer, Sarah Fredrickson, Ashlyn Friedrichs, Abigail K. Jones, Kelsey Kurylo, Joseph La Forge, Claire Lawrence, Chloey Menarek, Kennedy Muff, Riley Noonan, Javier Retana, Caitlin Salzeider, Adam Simmons, Rebecca Tondi, Marie Tyree, Elizabeth Van Kammen, Evee Wember, Paris Zamba.

High honors

Freshmen — Nicole Adamski, Chloe Alcalde, Aydin Anderson, Hayley Anderson, Isabella Avila, Connor Barribeau, Bradley Bell, Mackenzie Beller, Helena Besler, Evan Beth, Leah Binzel, Hunter Blaim, Aleksandra Bojanic, Emma Brandt, Emma Brewer, Benjamin Bruzas, Alexander Bryngelson, Mallory Burns, Cody Bykowski, Connor Carlson, Quinn Caya, Cayleb Correa, Carlee Diggs, Glen Dittmer, Kalai Dovas, Phineas Doyle-Bruce, Kelsey Duhig, Ashlyn Edquist, Christina Ekkela, Joel Engberg, Erin Esteb, Kyle Ferris, Lauren Foerster, Jacob Galley, Jackson Garcia, Elizabeth Gayhart, Veda Gibbs, Riley Gifford, Mackenzie Gonzalez, Viny Greco, Devin Griffin, Isaac Grosskurth, Doreen Grubb, Travis Harpster, Caroline Hill, Alexis Hora, Lilly Hudon, Cameron Humphrey, Andrew Jackson, Tristin Jantz, Logan Jozefiak, Zachary Kazumura, Keegan Kearby, Kiley Kennedy, Chase Kerkman, Elizabeth Khalil, Emma Kirton, Daniel Koffen, Angelina Kraemer, Arianna Kuhn, Priya Kurszewski, James LaBell, Aidan Lance, Lauren Landry, Ethan Liberman, Brooke Lindom, Ilsa Lofty, Bao Lu, Hailey Luedtke, Julia Luellen, Anastasia Lukasiewicz, Gianni Mack, Abby Mallace, Benjamin Marecek, Alexia McCracken, Makayla Millhouse, Samuel Monday, Elaina Murray, Marie Nickolette, Griffin Nosek, Easton Parks, Taylor Parrish, Tori Parrish, Aryan Patel, Caraline Phillips, Emily Ramirez, Mariel Reid, Drew Reiter, Kevin Resh, Jake Roberts, Jack Rose, Emma Schepker, Raven Schiavo, Cort Shane, Derek Sieberth, Rebecca Springer, Lauren Tabar, James Talbert, Tyler Tennis, Niko Therman, Daniel Tompkins, Gurkash Toor, Colten Tramburg, Catherine Van Kammen, Spencer Veach, Steven Verhaalen, Ava Viirre
James Vineyard, Carlie Vorpagel, Benjamin Wade, Alyssa Weber, Vincenzo Weidner, Alexandra Wells, Samantha Wenberg, Peyton Williamson, Autumn Wright, Tyler Yee, Abigail Yule.

Sophomores — Dominic Arturi, Laura Beinecke, Olivia Bergmann, Kendall Bloomfield, Bojana Bojanic, Conner Buono, Maximiliano Calzada, Zachary Colletti, Hannah Coots, Alexandra Denman, Dylan Eckhart, Alena Ekornaas, Emmarie Eppers, Megan Fliess, Sean Fookes, Amanda Gorsuch, Katelyn Hannah, Kayla Hartlaub, Dylan Hartnek, Delaney Hawkins, Lorenzo Herrera, Samuel Hiemstra, Tyler Holewinski, Collette Jolly, Layni Kennell, Maya Klementzos, Lucas Koeppel, Aydan Kovachik, Grace Krueger, Andrei Kuvshinikov, Jordan Lazarski, Megan Lejcar, Juliette Lofty, Anna Mac Intyre, Daniel Masnik, Edward Menarek, Antonina Miller, Madilynn Mitacek, Riese Mosback, Olivia Nahorniak, Madeline Nulph, Benjamin Pelli, Edric Petrick, Mackenzie Ruth, Julisa Sand, Kelsi Santos, Fiona Schmeelk, Bryce Sekey, Jacob Seward, Coral Shebenik, Madeline Slutsky, Abigail Sokoloskis, Ashton Sumwalt, Sara Tyszkowska, Roman Varty, Shawna Vermilyer, Carly Vogelsang, Emily Wermeling, Lucas Wittkamp, Mikaela Wynhoff.

Juniors — Grace Anderson, Tyler Andrews, Tyler Bannon, Kenna Beth, Gage Bohr, Kathryn Boyd, William Brundage, Caitlin Cannon, Gavin Carlson, Holly Carter, Ellie Christeson, Sydney Crowe, Kayla Daniels, Lauren Davis, Brian Deisher, Victoria Desimoni, Anastasia Doyle-Bruce, Garrett Edmonds, Carson Edquist, Charles Feeney, Gianna Giorno, Justin Gonzales, Daniel Gulliford, Katherine Hackeloer, McKenna Hall, Zachary Hanson, Madison Heck, Grace Henke, Hannah Hogan, Andrew Hrncar, Myles Kazumura, Kevin Keating, Eleanora Klick, Vanson Kowalski, Elise Kulvik, Rosemarie Laitinen, Bryce Lardinois, Melissa Larsen, Kiley LeRoy-Stowell, Julie Lynch, Paul Lynch, Sophia Lynch, Connor Mac Leod, Anthony Madrigrano, Parker Mann, Maxwell Matushek, Carson Meredith, Zachary Meyers, Austin Mordja, Tanner Mordja, Connor Murray, Johnathan Myers, Keith Myers, Hannah Nelson, Carlie Odejewski, John Ortloff, Kayla Oswalt, Laiza Otero, Aaron Pecore, Maggie Pelli, Chloe Perri, Madeline Persino, Kyle Pflug, Sarah Pohjola, Alyssa Rasch, Tracy Richards, Brandon Rivera, Tyler Rivera, Joseph Rossi, Alexis Rothwell-Krebs, Massimo Rovella, Megan Sager, Priscilla Scaccia, Shelby Serritella, Daniel Seward, Adam Seybert, Cobra Shebenik, Sara Turk, Claudia Van Aken, Margaret Van Damme, Hannah Veium, Ronald Verhaalen, Polina Vyucheiskaia, Joseph Wade, Scott Werner, Ava White, Morgan Williams, Eli Willoughby, Ellie Witt, Megan Witt, Eleanor Wright, Paige Wysiatko, Gabrielle Zagame, Jenna Ziemelis.

Seniors — Dylan Anderson, Emma Anderson, Natalie Anderson, Sara Backus, Nicholas Barbaro, Savanah Bawden, Michael Belanger, Katelyn Bergmann, Kaylee Bernardy, Kayli Bohr, Anthony Brand, Joseph Brenner, Emily Buccelli, Zachary Burzawa, Spencer Cain, Zachary Cain, Hope Caya, Abigail Cruz, Jessie Dahms, Paige Dawley, Amy Degner, Miguel del Aguila, Jacob Delavan, Anna Delisi, Twila Dovas, Bryce Drier, Eleanor Drosen, Rebecca Edwards, Kathryn Farrell, Taylor Feltes, Jade Fluger, Kyle Folkers, Cameron Fonk, Noah Fox, Christopher Gerber, Molly Grabarec, Samy Greco, Maria Grenyo, Dylan Griffing, Sydney Griffiths, Kelsey Gross, Haley Grubb, Katelyn Halladay, Jacob Hardesty, Levi Hardesty, Michael Harscher, Dana Herman, Kaitlyn Hill, Olivia Hinze, Sydnie Holmes, Haley Hovland, Emma Howell, Gabriella Kaebisch, Olivia Kazumura, Jefferson Kearby, Brandon Kent, Mary Kevek, Nicole Knoerr, Claire Koeppel, Richard Koralik, Adam Kordecki, Cameron Krueger, Amelia Kusch, Sierra Lee, Eric Lehmann, Braden Lejcar, Alex Lois, Kyle Lois, Cameron Lord, Adelia Mahaffee, Brenna Maloney, Carly Mc Govern, Benjamin Mickelson, Cory Miller, Dylan Miske, Emily Nightingale, Luke Nosek, Ashley Ostergreen, Joseph Ostergreen, Neha Patel, Matthew Pham, Leah Pisani, Anna Platz, Haley Riordan, Joyce Riphagen, Carina Rook, Alexander Rubenacker, Triana Rudd, Braeden Schmidt, Layne Schroeder, Brystal Schultz, Jordyn Schultz, Ryan Schumacher, Kaitlyn Shaffer, Jennifer Sheen, Jessica Sheen, Laura Shoopman, Colette Smith, Emily Springer, Alyssa Stratton, Trenten Stueber, Zane Sumwalt, Mary Teumer, Emily Thomas, Grant Thomas, Alexis Toney, Ashley Toomey, Brandon Ugalde, Genevieve Van Kammen, Daniella Viirre, Curtis Vineyard, William Vineyard, Alex Vivian, Kyle Vivian, Easten Wember, Eden Wember, Hannah Winton, Brenden Wittkamp, Mason Yee, Jaeden Zackery, Megan Zeller, Samantha Zubor.


Freshmen — Jakob Acosta, Cameron Anderson, Kialis Anderson, Michael Ash, Zachary Bailey, Ella Birkholz, Sophia Bosco, Jessica Boyd, Isabelle Brenton, Carson Burbach, Lauren Chandler, Christopher Christensen, Emma Close, Emily Cox, Ellie Daniels, Kaitlynn Davis, Ashlynn Day, Alejandro del Aguila, Aiden Erich, Collin Fort, Mackenzie George, Spencer George, Lauren Goforth, Sheyenne Grams, Jacob Granner, Kylee Grosch, Mackenzie Joosten, Margaret Kimpler, Keegan Kinzle, Peyton Kirsch, Trinity Koltanowski, Devon Kramer, Troy Lehmann, Miles Lenz, Ruby Loecher, Holly Ludwig, Emmett Marckese, Anthony Maxon, Asa Mc Gonegal, Ethan McNutt, Mckenna Pielhau, Vivian Pisani, Zachary Prevett, William Rasmussen, Ellie Reynolds, Emma Roberts, Lukas Rossi, Trinay Rudd, Anastasia Sdralis, Travis Senft, Hayden Snell, Savanna Sokolski, Riley Spencer, Drew Stueber, Aubry Taylor, Ibrahim-Said Toure, Isaac Trecker, Nykia Umphryes, Mitchell Vineyard, Madison Walk, Max Weis, Braeden Wittkamp.

Sophomores — Andrew Bailey, Abigail Balazs, Carolann Bradley, Ava Bridleman, Nolan Bruni, Evelyn Buono, Troy Christensen, Abigail Conrad, Leonardo Cordova, Nicholas Dawley, Teegan De Hamer, Christopher De Long, Joshua Delavan, Benjamin Durkin, Danielle Esposito, Jordan Farnsworth, Matthew Felske, Camren Flegner-Kempf, Sophia Floss, Michelle Frahm, Thomas Francis, Careressa Gaines, Stephen Harscher, Nicholas Hassett. Aubrianna Henke, Grace Henningfield, Alex Hrupka, Shannon Hughes, Jessie Jahneke, Emily Johnson, Amardeep Kaur, Emma Klinesmith, Allyson Knox, Rylan Ladd, Micaela Lawlor, Jena Leopoldt, Jenna Leslie, Aidon Long, Anthony Mack, Olivia Madrigrano, Chase Malanowski, Adam Massie, Brynn McNeill, Alyssa Meyer, Stephanie Mickelson, Matthew Moreno, Heddon Nelsen, Sean Noonan, Sydney Nys, Saralynn Parker, Victoria Platz, Francisco Quinones, Isabelle Quintero, Valentina Rovella, Chantelle Schoolcraft, Magnus Schroeder, Madison Sheen, Noelle Sheen, Maggie Skinner, Ian Slade, Liliana Sobczak, Olivia Sperling, Jonathan Steinbach, Joseph Sullivan, Anna Thompson, Ryan Ultsch, Cody Weathersby, Ava Wolcott, Alexandra Wolf, Caden Wyatt.

Juniors — Jillian Argersinger, Alexis Arnold, Bryanna Baggio, Emily Belmont, Yaritza Bermudez, Harmony Blaim, Riley Burbach, Emily Carleton, Tyler Carver, William Cavener, Jenna Connolly, Teagan Coomans, Ryan Cuba, Jordan Dahlberg, Caleb Drury, Shyann Dumelle, Kourtney Ellis, Tyme Eppers, Kiley Erich, Benjamin Ernst, Cooper Ferruzzi, John Fliess, Grace Gement, Gavin Goldstein, John Goldsworthy, Elizabeth Gorka, Cooper Griffiths, Otto Gross, Madison Harrison, Colton Hauser, Klarysah Hilaire, Megann Holst, Tyler Horton, Maigann Hulsman, Alexsandra Judt, Hailie Kane, Kyle Kitterman, Jake La Fave, Heidi Ludwig, Abigail Luellen, Madison Mc Kinney, Karine Morales, Jaden Morris, Jada Nelsen, Cade Nichols, James Pascucci, Paige Patton, Lindsi Patyk, Emma Rasmussen, Mia Rogers, Colton Soto, Alexis Tennyson, Moriah Toal, Brenda Torales-Macedo, Kassidy Valarezo, Tasia Vassos, Nicholas Wiedmeyer, Laura Winkler, Melissa Yule.

Seniors — Jonathan Adams, Julia Arturi, Zachary Bacle, Daniel Boyd, Kennedy Cortes, Bret Duenkel, Brody Durkin, Gavin Ford, Kirsten Fort, Mackenzie Fricke, Jared Gehrke, Austin Glidden, Codi Granner, Sean Gulliksen, Gabriel Haase-Wilson, Imad Hashmi, Dylan Hughes, Kaylyn Isaacson, Sydney Juarez, Karly Kellogg, Reid LaBell, Parker Lyon, Anthony Medina, Joseph Michelau, Andrea Miller, Jake Mueller, Kyle Mueller, Adam Musselman, Keely Nelson, Jaden Ocasio, Alyssa Perrone, Miranda Pinnow, Salman Raheem, Rylin Ratliff, Kaylie Redlin, Patricia Rehberg, Jamie Schoen, Colten Schultz, Kelsey Seidl, Lauren Shane, Hanna Stewart, James Szymanski, Chloe Thorne, Nicholas Trecker, Tyler Vernezze, Chase Warren, Hannah Wehrmeister, Bryan Zamago, Nathaniel Zimmermann.

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One warmer day, one colder day then back to normal

Western Kenosha County will have a warmer than normal Thursday, followed by a colder than normal Friday followed by a return to more typical temps after that.

The latest, local National Weather Service forecast says Thursday’s high should top 40 degrees.

The warmth won’t last long, however, as temperatures will begin dropping Thursday evening. Friday’s high temperature will be just 19.

Starting Saturday through Wednesday, temperatures should return to a more (slightly below) seasonable mid to high 20s.

Deaths Feb. 13, 2019: Deborah Colleen Schlabach

This post sponsored by Westosha Floral.

The following deaths of local residents and those with local connections are being reported by funeral homes today. Click on name to see obituary/service information:

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Salem Lakes to reopen chicken keeping discussion

The Salem Lakes Village Board will reopen the discussion of who should be able to keep chickens in the village.

The board decided to put the subject again on its committee of the whole meeting agenda for Feb. 18.

The move comes after a family requested a variance to the current ordinance at a meeting Monday night.

In October, the board decided to retain a two-acre limit for a property on which chickens can be kept.

On Monday, resident Jamie Tackett asked the board for a variance from that ordinance that would allow her family to continue to raise chickens on their 1.69 acre property.

Tackett was recently issued a warning after 32 chickens were found to be living on the property. The village sent a code enforcement officer to the address after receiving a complaint about the chicken keeping.

Tackett said there currently are six hens still on the property. They chiefly use the hens for eggs. When they have surplus eggs they donate them to The Sharing Center, Tackett said. The couple’s three children help take care of the animals.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing to have as a family,” Tackett said.

While Tackett was seeking a variance from the ordinance, village counsel said at the meeting that variances are not allowed. Instead, the ordinance would have to be changed to allow the Tacketts to keep chickens.

Trustee Ted Kmiec pointed out the ordinance included a provision allowing one chicken to be kept per child for showing at the county or state fair. Tackett said it would be useful to allow two chickens per child, so there was a backup bird. Kmiec moved to amend the ordinance to allow two chickens for exhibition, but that failed when the vote deadlocked with Trustees Dan Campion and Denis Faber and President Diann Tesar voting against and Trustees Ron Gandt, Mike Culat and Kmiec voting in favor. Trustee Bill Hopkins was absent.

Tesar said she voted against Kmiec’s motion so the issue could get more discussion at the committee of the whole meeting Feb. 18.

The Tacketts were set to receive a citation Thursday for violating the ordinance, but interim village administrator Mike Murdock said he will delay the citation until after Monday’s meeting.

Also at the meeting, resident Sharon Pomaville read a letter from resident Peter Poli who expressed support for allowing chicken keeping on smaller lots, restoring the number of chickens that can be kept on two acres to 20 birds and offered to lead a citizens committee to explore the issue.

A word from our sponsors: Come drive a bus with Dousman Transport


The Dousman Transport entry in the 2017 Libertyfest Parade in Twin Lakes.

Note: Dousman Transport is a westofthei.com sponsor. This is a paid announcement. — DH

Dousman Transport is looking for a few good individuals to join its bus driving team based at its facility in Wilmot.

  • Driving a bus with Dousman has a number of advantages, such as:
  • Bring pre-school age children along with you on your route.
  • Summers off!
  • A good parents job. Your schedule syncs up with local school calendars.

Starting pay is $14.50, more with CDL and experience. $500 signing bonus and quarterly safety bonus up to $0.35 per hour.

Dousman gives paid training. These positions are part-time with flexible hours (4 hours per day on school days). A.M. and P.M. hours available now.

For more information about a rewarding career transporting school children please apply in person at Dousman Transport, 28401 Wilmot Road, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Phone: 262-862-6086.

Dousman Transport drivers Sue Morton and Jessica Koltz collect dog food and toys for Meals on Wheels at a Central-Wilmot basketball double header.

Dousman Transport drivers Sue Morton and Jessica Koltz collect dog food and toys for Meals on Wheels at a Central-Wilmot basketball double header.

Central High School forensics team second at 2019 Pius High School tournament

/Submitted photo

Central High School’s forensics team took second place at Pius High School’s tournament Feb. 9.

Eight team members made it to the elimination round. The following students earned medals in the power round: Paul Lynch in Radio, Maria Grenyo in Storytelling, Jordan Dahlberg in Impromptu and Emily Thomas in Solo Serious.

Dylan Eckhart took third in Radio, James Talbert took second place in Public Address and Tyler Holewinski took first place in Extemporaneous Speaking and Noah Dufek first place in Public Address.

Westosha Central High School will host the “For’Friends’sics” tournament on Saturday, Feb. 23. There will be a “Friends” theme.  The competion starts with Radio and Extemporaneous groups drawing at 8:30 a.m., and the tournament officially starting at 9 a.m. The tournament will feature 20 schools from around our conference, as well as Milwaukee area.

Central Forensics is coached by Brenda Bursek-Krekling, Rob Clark, Debra Nicolo and Michael Klimzak.

Deaths Feb. 12, 2019: Sylvia Balsamello

This post sponsored by Westosha Floral.

The following deaths of local residents and those with local connections are being reported by funeral homes today. Click on name to see obituary/service information:

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Winter weather advisory extended

Photo by ilker .via stock.xchng

The National Weather Service has extended a winter weather advisory for our area.

The advisory is now in effect until 3 a.m.

Some snow is expected during the advisory period. Windy conditions with a west wind of 15 to 25 mph with gusts as high as 35 mph may produce patchy blowing snow and resulting poor visibility. Snow accumulation of less than one inch is expected.

Roads may also be slippery.

A word from our sponsors: Wilmot Auto Service seeking Service Adviser/Writer

Note: The following is a paid announcement from Wilmot Auto Service. — DH

Wilmot Auto Service is looking for a Service Adviser/Writer Monday- Friday.

Wilmot Auto Service is located at 11307 Fox River Rd. Wilmot, WI 53192

Applicants should Call Dwyane @ 262-862-6300 or Email Resume wilmotauto@yahoo.com.

Wilmot UHS foottball players spend snow day shoveling other’s snow

Some football players from Wilmot Union High School spent Tuesday’s snow day helping local people clear their properties of snow.

Here’s a video from Fox6 news:

Units responding for crash on I-94

This post sponsored by StateLine Legal LLC — DH

At about about 7:20 a.m., Bristol Fire and Rescue, Pleasant Prairie Fire and Rescue and Newport Fire Department units are responding to a crash in the 8000 block of the southbound lanes of I-94. Deputies are already on the scene.

UPDATE about 7:24 a.m. — Deputy requests two tow trucks.

Snow update 6 a.m., Tues. Feb. 12, 2019

Photo by ladyheart via morgueFile.com

We are measuring a solid 4 inches of snow on the ground at westofthei.com headquarters at about 6 a.m., Tuesday, with snow still falling steadily. That is the upper range of what was forecast by the National Weather Service for overnight accumulation.

Snow is expected to continue through 8 a.m., when freezing rain may appear through the morning hours. A chance of snow will persist into the night, but the latest, local National Weather Service forecast expects less than one inch of snow.

A winter weather advisory remains in effect until 12 a.m., Wednesday.

School closures Feb. 12, 2019

Another round of nasty winter weather is prompting Western Kenosha County schools to announce closures for Tuesday

Announcing cancellation of classes and activities for Tuesday as of 5:13 a.m. are:

  • Brighton School.
  • Bristol School.
  • Salem School.
  • Riverview School.
  • Wilmot Union High School.
  • Randall School.

As of 5:27 a.m.

  • Wheatland Center School.
  • Trevor-Wilmot School.
  • Central High School (this will be a digital learning day).

As of 5:36 a.m.

  • Lakewood School.

As of 5:50 a.m.

  • Paris School.

Fox River under flood stage; flood warning removed

The National Weather Service has removed a flood warning for the Fox River in Western Kenosha County.

The river dipped under flood stage of 11 feet very early Monday morning. At 8 p.m., the river was measuring at 10.77 feet.

Missing pets: White and tan young dog

Randall officials are looking for the owner of a dog found loose in Randall Monday.

The dog is described as young, male, white and tan that looks like it may have some boxer blood. The dog was wearing no collar, no tags and had no chip. The dog was found near Highway KD and 98th Street.

Anyone with information about the dog’s owner can call Mark Halvey at 262-279-3388.

Winter weather advisory moved to earlier start

The coming snow has been a bit of a moving target for the National Weather Service today.

The winter weather advisory for our area has been moved up to start at 6 p.m., instead of the later start it had earlier in the day. It is set to stay in effect through midnight Wednesday.

The amount of snow in the latest, local NWS forecast has been increased a bit too, with the range of snow during that advisory period increased to 3 to 5 inches total. Most of that — 2 to 4 inches — is expected to fall Monday night, starting around 6 p.m. and falling strongest through 6 a.m., Tuesday. Snow will like continue after that — perhaps mixed with some freezing rain Tuesday — but not accumulate greatly, maybe another 1.25 inches.

Units responding for gas leak in Twin Lakes

This post sponsored by StateLine Legal LLC — DH

At 2:59 p.m., Twin Lakes Fire Department units are responding for a report of a gas leak in the 400 block of South Lake Avenue.

Per dispatch: Hissing can be heard at the site if the leak. We Energies has been notified.

NWS replaces watch with winter weather advisory

The National Weather Service has had a change of heart and has now issued a winter weather advisory for Kenosha County.

The advisory is set to be in effect from 9 p.m., Monday to midnight, Wednesday.

A winter storm watch had earlier been issued for approximately that same period but now has been replaced with the advisory, a less serious type of alert.

The snow forecast during that period has not changed much for our area: 1 to 4 inches, with most of that coming Monday night.

Monday’s high temperature will be 29, Tuessday’s 31, Wednesday’s 25 and Thursday’s 32.

Winter storm watch issued

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for a portion of Wisconsin that includes Kenosha County.

The watch is set to be in effect from 6 p.m., Monday to 6 a.m., Wednesday.

The latest, local NWS forecast calls for Western Kenosha County to receive 1 to 4 inches of snow during the watch period. Areas to the west and north of us may get as much as 4 to 8 inches of snow.

Before the watch kicks in, there is some light snow falling in Paddock Lake Sunday afternoon. That may be mixed with or eventually give way to freezing rain later this evening for a few hours. Monday, there is a slight chance of snow and/or freezing rain in the evening, before the watch takes effect.

Local students named to UW-Whitewater 2018 fall Dean’s List

The following students were named to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Dean’s List for the 2018 fall semester.

  • Brett Aichholzer of Twin Lakes
  • Terry Andersen of Salem
  • Rachel Barnes of  Twin Lakes.
  • Leah Blair of Bristol.
  • Ashlyn Brey of Silver Lake.
  • Danielle Bykowski of Salem.
  • Grace Cannon of  Trevor.
  • Nicholas Geyer of Silver Lake.
  • Jacob Gildemeister of Twin Lakes.
  • Bekah Gruener of Bristol.
  • Jayden Hendrie of Twin Lakes.
  • Amanda Hutchings of Twin Lakes.
  • Alex Klugiewicz of Salem.
  • Seth Kopczynski of Bristol.
  • Parker Krumm of Bristol.
  • Ryan Lameer of Twin Lakes.
  • Talia Nordigian of Twin Lakes.
  • Kendra Proell of Salem.
  • Emily Smith of Salem.
  • Roma Smith of Twin Lakes.
  • Jami Steffen of Twin Lakes.
  • Sarah Strasser of Silver Lake.
  • Gwendolyn Threadgill of Twin Lakes.
  • Jared Ticha of Twin Lakes.
  • Jordyn VanZeeland of Twin Lakes.
  • Jessica Velez of Trevor.
  • Brooklyn Willms of Twin Lakes.
  • Jennifer Young of Salem.

These students have demonstrated their academic abilities by receiving a grade point average of 3.4 or above in a single semester.

“Earning a spot on the Dean’s List is a reflection of our students’ strong record of academic achievement,” said Provost Susan Elrod. “In classrooms and laboratories – and out in the field – our Warhawks are succeeding in myriad ways. I’d like to extend my congratulations to these hardworking students on this well-deserved recognition.”

The Registrar’s Office reports 3,460 students were selected for the Dean’s List for the fall semester. About 13,000 students are currently enrolled at the university’s Whitewater and Rock County campuses.

A word from our sponsors: Feb. 10, 2019 open houses from Bear Realty’s Glenda and Butch Dupons

AD-bear-realty-glenda-butch-revise2Note: Glenda and Butch Dupons, of Bear Realty, are westofthei.com sponsors. This is a paid announcement — DH

Here are open houses being hosted today by Glenda and Butch Dupons, of Bear Realty (click the links below for more information):

24724 74th St, Salem

7610 242nd Ave, Salem

24921 52nd St, Salem

602 East St, Silver Lake

23634 124th St, Trevor

6618 244th Ave, Salem

Fox River over flood stage but receding; flood warning in effect

A National Weather Service flood warning remains in effect for the Fox River in Western Kenosha County while the river’s level is receding.

The river, as measured at the New Munster gauge, is at 11.3 feet as of 6 p.m., Saturday. Crest of 11.66 feet was reached at 8:15 a.m., Friday. Flood stage is 11 feet.

The current NWS river forecast calls for the river to be back under 11 feet by Monday morning.

Deaths Feb. 9, 2019: Melanie Ann Waldo

This post sponsored by Westosha Floral.

The following deaths of local residents and those with local connections are being reported by funeral homes today. Click on name to see obituary/service information:

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Snow in forecast for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Art by Agata Urbaniak via stock.xchng

There’s snow coming for our area in the coming days, says the latest, local National Weather Service forecast.

Fortunately, modest accumulation is expected Sunday, Monday night and Tuesday.

Sunday, we should see snow in the afternoon, with less than one inch of accumulation. That snow may transition to freezing rain in the late afternoon/evening.

There’s a slight chance of snow Monday and then a strong chance of snow Monday night, with 1 to 2 inches of accumulation.

That snow should continue into Tuesday, with another 1 to 2 inches of accumulation possible.

High temperatures will be in the high 20s to low 30s through this period.


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