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Unforecast snow falling Friday morning

At 5 a.m., I see snow falling outside my Paddock Lake window. I am somewhat surprised. I watch weather forecasts pretty close to be able to bring you news of weather conditions you might want to know about. Snow wasn’t in our local National Weather Service forecast last night. In fact, it’s not in the local forecast for […]

Rain in forecast for tonight

The National Weather Service local forecast says we can count on seeing some rain tonight. Rain could start as early as 8 p.m. and continue until 8 a.m. Wednesday, but the bulk of that rain should come between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Between .5 and .75 of rain could fall overnight with another tenth […]

Snow update: No accumulation overnight, but may snow until noon

It’s snowing in Paddock Lake at 5:36 a.m., and cars are covered, but there is little to no accumulation of snow on the ground at headquarters so far Monday morning. The National Weather Service forecast calls for snow to continue through noon, with about an inch of accumulation possible. The high temperature today is expected to […]

Snow likely to return tonight

The National Weather Service local forecast says we have about a 70 percent chance of seeing some snow Sunday night. We could even get one inch of accumulation. The less than spring-like weather is set to continue Monday morning, but with wintry mix instead of straight snow. Accordingly, the NWS has issued a special weather statement and […]

Cooler today and for a while

Did you get out and enjoy the warm temperatures of the last few days? I hope so, because it looks like it will be a while before we have 70 to anticipate again, says the National Weather Service forecast. Today’s high is expected to be a underwhelming 43. You might have to fire up the furnace […]

High temp today could reach 70

The high temperature today could reach 70 degrees, says the local National Weather Service forecast. But before you start that’s going to be a trend, let me add that the same forecast calls for a high of 44 Tuesday. Looking a bit further ahead, Sunday’s forecast is for a mere 39. My advice? Enjoy it […]

60 in forecast for today

The high temperature should reach 60 hereabouts on Friday, the National Weather Service forecast says. Through the weekend we will have days with highs in the 50s, with another day over 60 on Monday. After that spell, temperatures appear ready to settle back down into the 40s for the balance of next week. It should […]

Dense fog advisory issued for this morning

The National Weather Service has issued a dense fog advisory for an area including Western Kenosha County. Visibility could be less than a quarter mile at times. The advisory will be in effect until 10 a.m.

Warmer weather to stay for next 7 days

Warmer weather, with no daily highs expected below 45 degrees, looks to be with us for at least the next week, says the National Weather Service forecast. The peak is expected Tuesday, when the high should crack 50, topping out at 54. Lows should be in the 30s or high 20s. The only precipitation in the forecast is […]

Extended warm-up begins today

A long-awaited (by me anyway) warm-up in our local high temperatures will start today, says the National Weather Service forecast. After weeks of temps mostly in the single digits and teens, Friday’s high is forecast for 28. Then Saturday through Thursday will see highs in the 30s and 40s . So what’s the catch you might ask? Nothing […]

Two more cold days before warm-up begins

The National Weather Service forecast says we’re in for a couple more cold days before a warm-up that could temperatures into the 40s eventually. Wednesday’s high is forecast for 17 and Thursday’s for 13. But then the outlook improves. High temperatures in coming days are forecast for 29 on Friday, 37 on Saturday and Sunday, […]

Snow update: 3.75 inches more this morning

In the about 2.5 hours since our last measurement at 5:30 a.m., we are measuring about 3.75 more inches of snow on the ground at headquarters in Paddock Lake. That’s a total of about 4.25 inches of accumulation since snow began falling earlier this morning. That’s well over the forecasted 2 inches already At about […]

Snow update: .5 inches early this morning

At 5:30 a.m., with snow coming down very steadily, we already measured .5 inches on the ground at headquaters in Paddock Lake. In the 10 minutes are so it took to clear the driveway, another eighth of an inch had fell. Seems we are well on the way to meeting or maybe exceeding the […]

Snow and wintry mix in Tuesday forecast; winter weather advisory issued

Snow and later wintry mix is in the local National Weather Service forecast for Tuesday. A winter weather advisory has been issued for 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday. Snow is most likely to start after 5 a.m. Around 9 a.m., it is expected to transition to sleet and ice. The worst of it should be over […]

Snow update: 2 inches overnight

At about 5:30 a.m., we measured 2 inches of new snow accumulation at headqaurters in Paddock Lake from the snow that started Wednesday evening. That exceeded National Weather Service expectations. There was still some light snow falling. The National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow advisory for Kenosha County until 10 a.m. The […]

1.5 inch of snow possible today, tonight

The National Weather Service forecast for our area suggests we may be in for as much as 1.5 inches of snow yet today and tonight. The temperature will also be cold tonight, reaching just 6. There’s more cold in the forecast for Thursday, with a high temperature of 10, Friday with a high of 13 and Saturday with […]

Wind chill advisory issued for tonight through Monday morning

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for our area. I know. Of course they have. Seems to happen daily these days doesn’t it? Well, I agree but we should go through the details nonetheless. This advisory is set to be in effect from 9 p.m. Sunday through 10 a.m., Monday. Temps […]

Wind chill advisory issued for Wednesday evening into Thursday

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for the entire state of Wisconsin. The advisory that includes Western Kenosha County will be in effect from 6 p.m. Wednesday to noon Thursday. Single digit and below zero temperatures paired with winds from 10 to 15 mph will mean wind chill values as low […]

Cold continues; snow now likely for Friday

There’s been little change in the National Weather Service temperature forecast for the next few days. It’s going to be pretty cold. But now there’s a decent chance of a little snow later in the week. Today’s forecast high is 6. Thursday’s forecast high is 2. However, so far our area has escaped being put under […]

Frigid temps on the way

Think it’s been cold lately? Just wait. Today’s high should reach 14. But Wednesday’s National Weather Service forecast calls for a high of just 8. On Thursday, just 3. On Friday the temperature should claw its way back into the low teens before a brief reprieve of 26 on Saturday. But don’t expect a warning […]

Wind chill advisory starting late this afternoon

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for an area of Wisconsin that includes Western Kenosha County to start later today. Northwest winds gusting as strong as 30 to 40 mph combined with temperatures in the low teens to below zero will produce wind chill values between -10 and -15. The advisory will be in […]

Temps to plunge Thursday

The current National Weather Service forecast calls for a plunge in temperatures starting Friday. Upcoming high temperatures are forecast for 10 on Thursday, a brief reprieve on Friday of 21, and then  8 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday. That warmer Friday also has a 50 percent chance of snow. There’s not another 30 plus high […]

Warmer for the weekend

Today through the weekend should be a bit warmer than it’s been of late, says the National Weather Service forecast. Friday’s high should get to 29. Saturday’s high should reach 34 and Sunday’s 33. There’s a 20 percent chance of rain Saturday night and that could develop into a 40 percent chance of wintry mix precipitation Sunday.

Snow update: 4.5 inches; cold next couple of days

We measured a total accumulation of 4.5 inches for Tuesday’s snowfall at headquarters in Paddock Lake. The next couple of days look to be free from precipitation, though they will be cold, says the National Weather Service forecast. The high temperature today is expected to be 18 with Thursday’s high just 12.

Snow update: 1.5 inches

For those of you heading to Western Kenosha County who may not be in the immediate area now,  snow is falling with 1.5 of accumulation in Paddock Lake between about 3:30 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. I have a report from someone driving to Lake Geneva from Paddock Lake that the snow seems to be lighter farther west. […]

Snow this afternoon prompts winter weather advisory

Snow expected to start falling late this afternoon has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a winter weather advisory. Our area could see from 2 to 3 inches of  accumulation from this snowfall. Snow is expected to begin around 3 p.m. and end before midnight.  There’s a 30 percent chance of some more snow […]

Snow update: 11 inches total in Paddock Lake

We measured about 5 inches of snowfall Sunday at headquarters in Paddock Lake. That would be a total of 11 inches from Saturday evening through about 5 a.m. this morning. Drifting may have effected our measurement some, but we tried to measure at a flat spot that did not appear to be as impacted. (We […]

Blizzard warning extended to 3 a.m.

The National Weather Service has extended the blizzard warning for Kenosha County until 3 a.m., Monday. The warning says that winds are now expected to continue to be “blustery” for longer than initially expected.

Twin Lakes Senior Club meeting cancelled

The Twin Lakes Seniors Club Meeting for scheduled for Monday, Feb. 2 has been canceled due to the inclement weather.

Wind stronger tonight in latest forecast

The latest local forecast from the National Weather Service is calling for even stronger winds than earlier, possibly aggravating the blowing and drifting of snow over night. Winds now are expected to be in the 25-30 mph range with gusts as high as 40 mph The forecast says we could get an additional 2 inches of snow tonight. A […]

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