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President Bruce Nopenz comments at first Salem Lakes Village Board meeting (VIDEO)

The first Salem Lakes Village Board meeting was held Wednesday evening. Salem Lakes is the new village created through the merger of the town of Salem and the village of Silver Lake.  That merger took effect Feb. 14. At the beginning of the meeting, village President Bruce Nopenz delivered the following comments: On its surface, the meeting […]

William Hopkins appointed to Salem Lakes Village Board

William Hopkins was appointed Wednesday by the Salem Lakes Village Board to fill a vacant trustee seat. The appointment was approved 5-1 by a written ballot among the board members. Hopkins will fill the remainder of the term of Daniel Withers, who resigned in December due to an out of state job assignment. That term expires […]

Spring Election 2017: Salem Lakes trustee primary questionnaire answers

Voters in the new village of Salem Lakes will be able to vote in a primary election for village trustee on Feb. 21. The primary election will narrow the field of eight to six, who will appear on the ballot for the April 4 general election. This is the first election in Salem Lakes, which […]

Salem Town Board holds last board meeting

The Salem Town Board held its last meeting Monday night drawing to a close a 175 year history that is older than the state itself. As of midnight Tuesday, Salem and Silver Lake will be officially merged into the new village of Salem Lakes. “It took a shared vision … to bring us to this […]

Polling places won’t change for Salem Lakes Feb. 21 primary election information

Voters in the new village of Salem Lakes will be voting in a brand new municipality for the first time for the Feb. 21 primary, but where they vote will be the same.   All polling places for both the former Town of Salem and the former Village of Silver Lake will remain the same […]

Appointment of Silver Lake trustee delayed until Feb. 15

The Silver Lake Village Board on Wednesday again tabled the appointment of a replacement for its open trustee seat. The board was prepared to meet in closed session at the regular board meeting to discuss the credentials of the six people who have applied for the position. However, state statutes do not allow discussions regarding […]

Addresses in Silver Lake an issue for Salem Lakes to decide

There was a brief glimpse this week into what might be one of the most cared about issues involved in the merger of the town of Salem and the village of Silver Lake into the village of Salem Lakes — what do do with addresses in the territory that is the current village of Silver Lake. […]

Salem Lakes transition committee holds first meeting

A committee designed to share expertise with the town of Salem’s operations while the town merges with the village of Silver Lake held its first meeting Monday. The Salem Lakes Transition Committee is made up of the five Salem Town Board members and the Silver Lake village president. The committee unanimously elected Diann Tesar committee chairman. […]

Silver Lake appoints Police and Fire Commission members

The Silver Lake Village Board took yet another step brought about by its upcoming merger with the town of Salem with the creation of a Police and Fire Commission. Such a commission is required by state staute for Wisconsin villages with a population of over 5,500. The population of the new combined village of Salem […]

Silver Lake may pay off debt and set aside reserves for projects to be done after merger

The Silver Lake Village Board is contemplating designating reserves for some Silver Lake centered projects after its merger with Salem. Salem/Silver Lake administrator Patrick Casey has informed the board that a review of the village’s existing eight bank accounts showed there was about $2.2 million that could be used for this purpose. The Village Board […]

Spring Election 2017: Salem Lakes to have contests for trustee and president

The new village of Salem Lakes will see all its municipal seats with contests in the spring election, the first for the new village that will be the result of a merger of the village of Silver Lake and the town of Salem. Technically the seats to be filled are the ones that would have […]

Silver Lake Village Board OKs memo regarding clerks and election work

The Silver Lake Village Board has approved an agreement with Salem that should bring some additional election expertise into the village government in time for the historic first voting for offices in the new village of Salem Lakes. The Village Board last Wednesday unanimously approved a memo of understanding between the village and Salem and […]

Silver Lake to discuss resignation of trustee

The agenda for Silver Lake’s Village Board meeting on Wednesday includes an item to discuss the resignation of a trustee. A lengthy agenda includes the following: “Discussion and possible action on the resignation of Trustee Dan Withers.” An email message sent last week to Withers about his status on the Village Board was not answered. […]

Silver Lake considers ordinances to change name and absorb Salem

The Silver Lake Village Board on Wednesday considered two more items on the road to its planned merger with the town of Salem. The Village Board had first readings of an ordinance that will change the name of the village to Salem Lakes and an ordinance attaching all of the current town of Salem to the village. Both […]

Here’s how to run for Salem Lakes village offices in April

Those looking to run for office in April in the new combined village of Salem Lakes will have some special procedures to follow. The cooperative plan calling for a merger of Salem and Silver Lake into the new village of Salem Lakes recently was approved by the state Department of Administration. When the merger takes […]

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