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Report from the road: Railroad crossings blocked by train

At about 8:30 a.m., we have received a report from the road that the rail crossings at Highway C and Highway JF are being blocked by a stationary freight train. UPDATE 8:40 a.m. — Crossings at Highway C and JF open again.

Salem Lakes OKs stop signs at JF and Rock Lake Road and 90th Street at 268th Avenue

There soon will be a few more places to come to a complete stop in Salem Lakes after action taken this week by the Village Board. The board approved a resolution asking the county to place a three-way stop at the intersection of 259th Avenue (Rock Lake Road) and 119th Street in Rock Lake. The board […]

Units responding for fire in Rock Lake

At about 1:07 p.m., Salem Lakes Fire/Rescue units and a sheriff’s deputy are responding to a report of a fire in the 12000 block of 256th Avenue in Rock Lake. Per dispatch: A tree fell on a power line that then fell on a fence. The fence is on fire. UPDATE 1:13 p.m. — Utility […]

Units responding for investigation in Rock Lake

At about 10:53 a.m., Town of Salem Fire/Rescue units and a sheriff’s deputy are responding to the 12500 block of 249th Circle in Rock Lake for an investigation. Per dispatch: Caller reporting some coming from a stove though the appliance is not in use at this time.

Car leaves roadway in Rock Lake

A vehicle left the roadway, crashed through a fence and landed on its side in an early Friday morning crash in Rock Lake. The crash happened in the area of Highway JF and 260th Avenue. Though the crash occurred much earlier, the vehicle was removed by a Wilmot Auto Service tow truck around 9 a.m. […]

Units responding for burning in Rock Lake

At about 5:10 p.m., Town of Salem Fire/Rescue units and a sheriff’s deputy are responding to a report of burning in the 25300 block of 121st Street in Rock Lake.

Units responding for fire in Rock Lake

At about 3:35 p.m., Town of Salem Fire/Rescue units are responding to a report of a possible fire in the 12600 block of 249th Avenue in Rock Lake. Per dispatch: Caller is reporting an electrical smell and a haze.

Units responding to Rock Lake for water call

At about 1:05 p.m., Town of Salem Fire/Rescue and Kenosha County Dive Team units and sheriff’s deputies are responding to Rock Lake for a water call. Per dispatch: An ice fisherman has been reported to be struggling on the lake. Report called in by a bystander. UPDATE 1:12 p.m. — Dive Team being held at […]

Units responding for report of burning in Trevor

At about 5:30 p.m., Town of Salem Fire/Rescue units and a sheriff’s deputy are responding to a report of burning in the 12500 block of 257th Avenue in Trevor. Per dispatch: Passerby reported a large fire in a backyard near trees.

Draft Rock Lake management study due in Sept.

A draft of a Rock Lake management study being prepared by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission should be done by the end of September, the biologist/planner preparing the document said. Beverly Saunders, a senior specialist and lake planner for SEWRPC who is writing the plan, explained the process and what will be addressed in the […]

Meeting on Rock Lake plan to be held Aug. 26

A public meeting has been scheduled to provide Southeastern Wisconsin residents with information about the Rock Lake Watershed Protection Plan Project that is being developed by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) with the support of the Town of Salem and the Rock Lake Restoration Association. At the public meeting, attendees will learn more […]

Soggy, but tasty Dairy Breakfast

  The brave souls who meandered through muddy fields to attend the annual Kenosha County Dairy Breakfast at Uhlenhake’s Land Locked Acres were not disappointed. A steady downpour dampened the number of attendees, but not the spirit of those who enjoyed a fresh breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, muffins, bread and butter, yogurt, milk and […]

DNR intends to issue permit for Rock Lake plant harvesting

A permit for harvesting aquatic plants on Rock Lake is expected to be issued soon for the next year, a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources representative said at a DNR-sponsored informational meeting at Salem Town Hall. Craig Helker, water resources biologist  with the DNR, said the conditions of the permit will likely be similar to […]

DNR to host meeting on Rock Lake plant control

A Department of Natural Resource sponsored public informational meeting regarding aquatic plant management on Rock Lake will be held at the Salem Town Hall on May 30, at 8 pm, Craig Helker, water resources biologist with the Wis. DNR has announced. Those who have questions or would like to learn more are invited to attend. […]

Rock Lake associations clash again over latest weed harvesting plan

The two separate associations affiliated with Rock Lake are again clashing over weed harvesting. Membership of  the Rock Lake Restoration Association have favored some weed cutting to open up a navigable channel to open water in the center of the lake. Rock Lake Highlands Association members oppose weed harvesting on the lake. Both sides were represented at […]

Units responding to report of garage fire in Rock Lake

At 7:40 p.m., Salem Fire/Rescue units and sheriff’s deputies are responding to a report of a fire in the 12000 block of 256th Avenue in the Rock Lake neighborhood of Salem. A detached garage is on fire with flames showing, dispatch reports. UPDATE 7:44 p.m. — Scene reportedly in the 12100 block of 257th Avenue. UPDATE 7:45 […]

Salem to try again on Rock Lake ordinance

The Salem Town Board has passed another attempt at limiting the type sof motors that can be used on watercraft on Rock Lake. In August, the board originally passed an ordinance limiting motor use on Rock Lake to electric motors only, except for some very specific exceptions. But that ordinance was rejected by the state Department […]

Salem passes electric motors only ordinance for Rock Lake

The Salem Town Board adopted an ordinance Monday designating Rock Lake as electric motor use only, except in a few specified exceptions. The board voted unanimously for the ordinance. It was extensively discussed last month and agreed upon in concept then. However there was a last minute change suggested by Supervisor Dennis Faber. He suggested that shore preservation operations be […]

Salem agrees to designate Rock Lake for electric motors only

The Salem Town Board agreed to draft an ordinance designating the use of electric motors only on Rock Lake. The designation was requested by the Rock Lake Highlands Association. The lake has long had signs at access points that say only electric motors can be used on the lake. But the restriction has never been […]

Rock Lake groups agree to better communication

Two different groups, each with a stake in the future of Rock Lake in southern Salem, met Monday at Town Hall to discuss the issues between them. People aligned with the Rock Lake Highlands Association sat on one side of the room and those affiliated with the Rock Lake Restoration Association sat on the other. There were some moments […]

Residents of Rock Lake upset over dirty aquatic weed harvester

Rock Lake Residents were shocked to see a weed-harvesting machine apparently covered with zebra mussels operating on their quiet waters, Saturday morning. Some residents encourage weed removal to clear the path for swimmers and boaters. However, others feel it is damaging the water’s ecosystem by leaking petroleum in the water and removing too many weeds, […]

Units responding to crash in Rock Lake

At 1:50 p.m., Salem Fire/Rescue units are responding to a crash in the 12300 block of Rock Lake Road. Dispatch reports that there are injuries. View Larger Map

Mailboxes vandalized in Rock Lake area

Several residents of the Rock Lake area reported damage to their mailboxes that apparently took place Sunday night or early Monday morning. A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department said the incidents appear to be isolated to that area. At least five incidents were reported to the Sheriff’s Department Monday, according to department reports. The reports […]

Units responding to report of crash

At about 2:10 p.m., Salem Fire/Rescue and sheriff’s deputies are responding to a report of a crash in the 12200 block of Rock Lake Road, Rock Lake. View Larger Map

Eagle Scout candidate and Troop 328 helpers clean up Runyard Park

Jacob Herreid and Salem’s Boy Scout Troop 328 spent three  hours Saturday cleaning up brush at Runyard’s Park, located on Rock Lake Road in Trevor. This was the first phase of Herreid’s Boy Scout Eagle Project to help the park become handicap accessible. The morning began with Jacob delegating jobs to his fellow Scouts to […]

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