Dissolve Silver Lake village government group files petition for referendum

silver-lake-VHRepresentatives of a citizens’ group seeking to dissolve the Silver Lake village government filed a petition Wednesday calling for a Nov. 4 referendum on the issue.

A representative of the group, Moving Silver Lake Forward, said 440 signatures were collected. Only 124 valid signatures are needed for the petition to be valid.

If sufficient signatures are certified by village Clerk Terry Faber, the question will be put on the Nov. 4 ballot.

If a two-thirds majority vote in favor of the dissolution, the property now in Silver Lake would become part of Salem, as it was before the village incorporated in 1926.

The group’s Chairman Bruce Nopenz said in a written statement:

We were heartened by the overwhelming outpouring of support by the community once they heard about our efforts to dissolve. Silver Lake Citizens have been observing the deteriorating situation in our community for many years now, and realize that it won’t be getting better on its own. We need to make positive changes away from our current situation, and change course for a better tomorrow. We think re-joining The Town of Salem will achieve that goal.”

The group cites constraints to growth and economic development — and resulting high taxes — along with a dysfunctional village government as the reasons its member are seeking the dissolution.

An informal analysis by Salem staff last year also said that local municipal taxes for Silver Lake residents would be lower if they were part of the town instead of the village.


  1. Citizen for Dissolution says:

    It is about time. We can not keep doing business the way the village is and not go bankrupt. Lets get it done and spread the cost with 15,000 people instead of 2500 people. This make total sense. Thank you to all the people that are making this possible. You people are making history. Good job. I will save over $400.00 per year.


    That is a battle cry for citizens of Silver Lake. I moved here 19 years ago because this was an excellent little village….however, not being to expand, being more of a bedroom community, and basically no downtown has left us in dire straits. I think this is the best solution to a very bad situation…and I suggest to anyone that does not understand why this is a good solution, to please contact one of the people who brought around your petition. Education to this move is so important and I hope that you will check into the facts before you condemn the resolution!!!

  3. Better with Bernie says:

    This dissolution is a commone sense approach to issues that have hounded this village for years. We are going broke- can’t even put tires on all of our fire trucks until next year. Most of our board is power hungry and cannot fathom having things change, especially for the better. As long as they stay in power we will continue to sink. In addition, our tax base is eroded, seniors cannot afford to live in their over-taxed homes, our downtown is a disgrace, no new businesses moving in, and in fact they leave faster than they came in. So what do you have? A horrible mess.
    Let’s just vote to dissolve and get with a government that understands what is important.
    For goodness sakes, the psychic was even driven from the village – maybe she knew what we are all now figuring out. This can be a better place to live, but not right now. You don’t need Tarot Cards to figure that out!
    The best arguement for staying a village? ‘It’s always been this way’. Now there’s a solution.

  4. Happy Day in Silver Lake says:

    I appreciate all of the hard work that this group has done to better our community for EVERYONE. They are striving to move Silver Lake forward, without putting any special interests and private companies holding the key to the success or failure of Silver Lake. I know my family will sleep better tonight, knowing that we are finally on the right track.

  5. Resolve to Dissolve Believer says:

    The continued deterioration of our fire department, lack of foresight by our board, the library fiasco, and FINALLY, the fire chief “selection” process were the LAST STRAW! Remember folks, at our last board meeting, the board declared no more “comments” from the floor after citizens comments were done. Anyone violating their “rule” would be asked by the police chief to LEAVE! Find out the facts, do your “due diligence’….the Dissolve Movement will continue to grow daily.

  6. Shorewood South says:

    That $400 savings will get the residents of Silver Lake an ambulance parked on the other side of salem, no police, and a sharing of services. Bring on mosquito Armageddon, piles of unmulched brush, and roads plowed last. Sounds like a great deal to me.

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    Bruce Nopenz and his group are sadly mistaken here. Silver Lake would be taking a step backwards. Taxes will not go down and the grass is not always greener on the other side. Other communities including Salem have gone through rough periods before and they did not take their bat and ball and go home. I really didn’t expect less from Bruce. In time your residents will regret giving up their Village status and transferring control to Salem and the County. You as a community need to refocus your efforts and win some small battles before winning the war. Intelligent people like Pat Dunn need to stop fighting every single issue for the mere sake of just being an antagonist. Find a consensus every now and again and you will all find a positive way to move forward. I am not a Silver Lake resident just an outsider looking in. The residents need a resounding no vote to Bruce Nopenz’s efforts. Stay a Village, you will all be better off. Good Luck

  8. @Shorewood South says:

    First of all, nothing will change…lol! Secondly, at some point Salem will build that fire/rescue house at highway 50 & B. Silver Lake wants nothing to do with the Shorewood neighborhood now. We’re just their “dumps”!

  9. Reply to Concerned Citizen says:

    I understand that from the outside looking in, Silver Lake may not seem to be in trouble…but we are. We have a building that was bought that we can’t use….and no money to pay for it…..tires for the fire trucks can’t be bought and even though the Fire Chief says they will be bought…that leaves no money for the rest of the year and training for our volunteers…we have no “downtown” and therefore all taxes fall upon the residents. I for one live on Social Security…if my taxes go up…I will lose my home…and no one is going to buy a house in Silver Lake because we are totally in a mess. If we continue on this road, we will go bankrupt and all the residents will suffer. There is no road to go down…there are no small battles to be fought and if there is a “war” as you call it, Silver Lake will cease to exist. We have tried so many things and nothing is changing…it’s time to merge with Salem and work on a good tax base, good paramedic services, a fire department that doesn’t have to fight for everything they need, and a goal to grow and become strong. As an “outsider” you have no idea what is really happening here, but I appreciate your concern. Silver Lake resolves to dissolve and we will be strong!

  10. who are you? says:

    Concerned citizen,
    Who are you to tell us what will happen. You do not live here so you do not have to endure the joke that this board has become. We are in trouble and staying the course will not do us any good. Sue and Roger do not have our interest at heart. I was one told, there are two kinds of people in Silver Lake. The Faber’s and those that wish they were Faber’s. I, like many do not wish I was a Faber. I wish my community was not a joke and could afford tires and fireworks.

  11. Moving forward says:

    So by this logic should the USA dissolve back into colonies bc our country is severely in debt… Please Britian take us back! You don’t get more by paying less but I guess you watch enough commercials its what you end up believing. The new entitlement era is upon us workless expect more. Sounds like a south of the wisconsin border attitude to me!

  12. Clear the air says:

    First the person that said Fire/Rescue will not be in town. You are wrong. You will have the same Firefighters who will become firefighter/paramedics and run out of the same building. That is a fact. Salem will not have to build a new fire house at B and 50 if we become part of Salem township. We will be the new full service fire company, under the command of the Salem Fire Chief. Four Engine Houses with all emergency services under the command of the Fire Chief. That is how it is suppose to work. Antioch Fire Department was the last department in Lake Co to do this. Look at how well they are operating. Most things will not change. The ones that will change will change for the better.

  13. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Concerned Citizen…..your points regarding maintaining “village” status and the benefits it affords our citizens merit consideration. Salem has recently began the process of forming a committee to look into the possibilty of seeking village status. Should Silver Lake dissolve, become part of Salem, and Salem becomes a village, all of your concerns should be moots. DISSOLVE NOW>

  14. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Shorewood South: In your attempt to confuse the issues, you inadvertently NAILED one of the key aspects of the RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE movement: SHARING OF SERVICES!!! Your very own words!!!!!! That is one of the CORNERSTONES of this movement, and your highlighting it in an attempt to undermine the process shows how little you understand it. I expect to see “the opposition” continue to press forth with the mantra….no ambulance Silver Lake(you left out…”no fire trucks”?) no police, no roads plowed…and piles of unmulched brush” WOW!!!!!!! So Salem is going to take us “under their wings” and just abandon us? Kind of curious as to where you are getting your facts from. The Moving Silver Lake Forward group is very well organized, has their “facts” in order, and have provided a viable template for us to follow to move our village out of the mess that we are in.
    I would urge everyone to check out the facts, then vote accordingly. But do it based on FACTS, not EMOTIONS. RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE!

  15. Bristol Resident says:

    @Concerned Citizen: Your assessment that “other communities, including Salem, have gone through rough periods, but did not take their bat and ball and go home” conveniently leaves out one FACT: Salem is currently undergoing the process of looking into applying for VILLAGE STATUS. Bristol became a village several years ago….our taxes DID go down! And for all practical purposes, nothing changed on a day to day basis. We DID have to replace our public works and fire/rescue vehicle markngs with “Village of Bristol”, rather than “Town of Bristol”. And yes, we did have to change some stationary headings and the entrance signs to our new “village”. In addition, Somers is currently doing the same thing as Salem, looking into the possibility of becoming a village.
    I urge Silver Lake residents to “MOVE FORWARD”.

  16. Moving forward says:

    So Bristol moved forward by becoming a village but silver lakes idea of moving forward is going from a village to a part of a town? Weird!
    Does Salem plan to add plow trucks? Public works employees and equipment? A secretary in the town hall? Or will they just take over silver lakes equipment? How about our neighbors who work in our village will they suddenly be unemployed? That’s a good strong community putting your neighbor in the unemployment line! But DON’T be fooled people you will get your full service fire dept headed by yours truly GG! At least we are giving one village resident a new job. Oh wait wasn’t he on that committee that recommended this??? Weird!
    And all of you who want to save on taxes you think you get more for less. Come on if your only income is social security you grew up in a time to know you don’t get more by paying less!!! People want a restored downtown but are complaining about saving money… You do realize that say a grocery store opens downtown the prices will be higher than wal mart… Are you willing to pay the extra to support local because it sure doesn’t sound like it.
    Where does silver lakes downtown restoration, sewer maintenance project, ect fall on salems priority list? Have we gotten any of these answers from Salem? What will our taxes actually be? I don’t want an answer from an unofficial estimate from last year. The group pushing this seems to question every move made by there “detractors” but it sure feels like this is being shoved down our throats all to quick without any answers.
    Oh and I hate to break it to you but there is a Faber on the Salem board as well so what next resolve to dissolve into Kenosha?

  17. Confusing says:

    Wait what???!?!? Bristol resident said they went from a town to a village and there taxes went down??? But the people of silver lake tell me going from a village to a town will make my taxes go down!?!?!

  18. Bernard Punsley says:

    Gotta love the “petition/referendum” process. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE they shrieked. OK. Let us decide! MOVE FORWARD….Democracy is a beautiful thing!

  19. Salem Sitizen says:

    As our town researches the possibility of becoming a village, I think the village of Silver Lake dissolving and joining us would be a tremendous asset to Salem. Starting with our need to build a future fire station in the area of 50 & B, that cost would no longer be needed……we could use an existing building in Silver Lake. That’s gotta save us at least $1 million right off the top! Having full access to Silver Lake(and the higher tax base those homes generate). another plus.
    By absorbing most of their current employees into our employee base, minimal loss of jobs. I realize the police department issue needs to be addressed, but I believe only the Silver Lake Police Chief is full time. Perhaps he could dovetail into overseeing our Public Safety officers? Yes, many concerns to be addressed, but from what I can see, the Silver Lake Moving Forward group is trying to do it in an UP FRONT fashion, with no hidden agenda. I’m leaning towards it…..although I also realize I cannot vote.

  20. The Hamlet of Silver Lake says:

    The Hamlet of Silver Lake has a nice ring to it – thank you Jill for wording it that way. In 1926 the people of Silver Lake incorporated their community into a village – why? Because towns were not obliged to provide services like police, fire, garbage, public works, etc. and villages were and they were given the authority to tax residents for the funds to do so. It’s 88 years later and the Town of Salem has FAR surpassed Silver Lake in providing 21st Century services. Go to their website and look at all the benefits their residents enjoy. They also have an administrator (someone Silver Lake will never be able to afford) who keeps them on the progressive track, keeps an eye on what will be needed, so financial emergencies don’t take down a department. Talk to people who live in the Town – they’re happy, safe, well-serviced folks with a little more of their own money in their pockets instead of out trying to support duplicate services for 2500 people who have spent their lives being afraid of or hating the Town and change. Every household in Silver Lake will be better off without the village level of governance and taxing for a community this small.

  21. @Moving Forward says:

    You seem fine with the direction of the town. Others are not. They are showing options and you are showing the status quo as your option. Unless you have a plan to share?

  22. The Hamlet of Silver Lake says:

    @ Moving forward … Silver Lake is land-locked, we can’t grow, expenses grow and grow – we keep feeding the village tax dollars, but there is no growth. As the taxes increase, businesses are frightened away. Yes, it is a very unfortunate side effect that neighbors will lose their jobs. I don’t know any family who has not been at one time or another affected by a job loss, private sector jobs are lost, companies down-sized, moved away; life is about change. Talented, hard-working people don’t stay in the unemployment line long. That may sound heartless, but I’ve lived through it, a neighbor has lived through it, a brother, a friend and on and on and we’re all doing fine.

  23. Shoved down your throats? says:

    All too quick? This has been building for years.
    It’s a two/ thirds vote. Sounds like more than just a simple majority.
    Voting is one of the things this country was founded on. Also, free will.
    You and anybody else can decide to stay or move, before the vote or after.
    Nothing shoved here.
    I’ll even bet your house will be worth more in ‘Salem’ than in ‘Silver Lake’.

  24. Easy to run at the mouth says:

    It is very easy to run at the mouth and rant and rave when it is nearly impossible to discuss in comments here. For the MOVING FORWARD “So Bristol moved……” person ought to post on the Moving Silver Lake Forward FB page when a conversation can be had. Some points are worth discussion. Others are off the wall and bar talk. Some are purely guesses. Some comments about estimates can be made with facts as they are today.

    Just do the math as has been suggested. The issue is 1.5 sq miles vs 32 sq miles. Even Paddock Lake has more area as it stands today and stands to gain more in 2025. Learn something about the area before you rant. Remember Spock…? the sacrifice for one for the benefit of all? That might apply to the village workers.

    On the other hand, assumptions are being made that current employees would not be qualified for positions at Salem (the writer apparently has never been to the offices of Salem – very apparent) and that comment is truly a slap in their faces! The presumption that they cannot qualify might indicate that they shouldn’t be doing the jobs they do now and for which we pay them.

    It is pretty clear that the aforementioned writer does not know that dissolving means that everything VILLAGE OF SILVER LAKE becomes that of the TOWN. Buildings, utility, trucks, cars, departments, equipment, keys, supplies. Everything. One should also remember that Salem has a lot of experience in running their town that is 16 times bigger than us. Having nearly 80 miles of road compared to what 15miles??? Lots of trucks, lots of fire equipment, lots of people (lots of qualified people -including paramedics) and best of all a lot of clean water! Don’t even think about comparing one Silver Lake draw access to their 9 lakes and a pretty darn tall water tower!

    If you want to start talking about debt, remember, their debt (for all that we see and work being done on their roads and utility) is already in that mil rate that is still half the size of ours. We’ve had plenty of time to do something about the high taxes we have and nothing has been done. Roger didn’t do anything when he was the leader and apparently didn’t do much with the simple tire issue.

    Responding to who might head up a battalion in the area under the TSFR is entirely up to the TSFR chief and you can bet he is already grooming his people for any of the three stations they already have. Such action would be a natural activity for development of employees so that if there was need, another could step in. If GG was a candidate, at least we would know he was qualified and would be a contender against all comers. I can’t say the same for the newest kid on the block and do question the method of his hire.

    If, you actually are old enough to depend on social security, then you should know how to do the math and should know that if the pie is bigger, your piece is bigger. Salem is a mighty big pie.

    Look back. Look at all the years of taxes that we have paid year after year compared to the lower taxes in Salem which were put into the pockets of some buckaroos and we still do not have the best that money can buy.

    If you are against this dissolving activity, then I suggest you learn more. If you do not know how your taxes are calculated, start there.

  25. Moving forward says:

    It’s funny hamlet says that losing jobs and pay cuts happen but your fearless leader GG was the one of the loudest whiners when gov walker was cutting his beloved fire fighters benes bc the state of wisconsin was broke. So by his logic it’s ok for the state to be broke but not the village. A bit hypocritical dont you think? Again many questions not answered by your group. The people of Salem are happy but where does all the problems of silver lake fall on there priority list? Seems to me by what the Salem resident said they are licking there chops to take our assets and advantage of our high tax base but what does it get me? An extra $400 that’s your selling point?!? There will never be a downtown in silver lake because the people of silver lake don’t want to buy local they rather save there nickels and dimes. Nothing wrong with that but you get what you pay for. Your other fearless leader Jeff let the business park go down hill. You talk of being land locked most villages are and still make it work. How about promoting the business park a little more that is a huge asset for tax money going to waste! How about that two year zero dollar contract Jeff brushed aside maybe SLRS would be willing to offer that again to help the SLFD! I mean really at the end of the day they are on the same team even though most don’t want to believe it! How about living within your means as a village just as most if us have to do in our own households! Didn’t Fannie and Freddie teach you people anything? The budget needs to be re worked some creative financial planning done but it can be done. When the going gets tough you don’t give everything to Salem.

  26. Bristol Resident says:

    @Confusing……..nice try. My comment CLEARLY INDICATED that Salem is in the process of looking at applying for village status. And the FACTS show that Silver Lake dissolving and being taken over by the government of Salem(village OR town) WILL DECREASE Silver Lake resident taxes. I have no “skin in the game” one way or the other, I was merely trying to use what happened here in Bristol as an example. You can play all the ‘word games’ you want….check out the FACTS.

  27. Bernard Punsley says:

    As the wailing and gnashing of teeth from SLRS heats up on these postings, how IRONIC Scott Walkers name is brought into the process. One of the biggest things our governor did was DECREASE the amount of shared revenues local goverments receive from the state, along with LIMITING the amount they can raise local taxes, short of going to a referendum. It has had devestating effects across our state……..ask any of our local school superintendents how they like the impact it has had on their schools. We lost our superintendent here in Silver Lake. And our village budget has been impacted as well. So bring up the governor and Act 10 all you want….it’s one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in, and one of the reasons the RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE/MOVE FORWARD movement is so appetizing. Keep those red jacketed comments coming, and don’t forget to wear the safety vest to all meetings.


    THE REDCOATS ARE COMING….THE REDCOATS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the MOVING FORWARD/RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE movement continues to grow, so do the outbursts from the “Redcoats”. But alas, I believe most folks have seen through their charades……..anyone who has ever attended a village board meeting and witnessed the “sea of red coats” at the back of the room knows what I am talking about. They are “amping up their efforts”, but it appears they will need more “Redcoats” to assist in the effort. They’ve got the board in their pockets, but I suspect the buffoonery factor they exhibit will hinder any sense of credibility they might try and gain from our residents. THE REDCOATS ARE COMING…….THE REDCOATS ARE COMING!!

  29. @moving forward says:

    What questions has the group not answered? As far as I know any questions that have been asked have been answered. You ask what priority will silver lakes problems will be on salems list? I’m almost sure it will be no less of a priority then where on the list the village if silver lake puts them. Also you say salems residents licking their chops to get at silver lakes assets. What assets does silver lake have? Salem has the same assets if not more other than squad cars. Saving $400 dollars a year is not just the only selling point it’s a benefit. This moving forward group is not some willy-nilly group it’s a very well organized group more organized than the village board that has done research and ask ed the same questions as everyone else even asked what are alternative solutions? You cannot answer that and the opposite group “really save silver lake” hasn’t answered that question as a matter of fact the only plan they have is not change a thing. Progress doesn’t happen with out change.

    Now you may say promote the business park to bring business in. The only problem with that it’s not a very large park and only small business can be brought in because silver lake has no water system to bring a mid to large business in. Reality is silver lake has nothing to offer.

  30. Rescue Stays! says:

    One of the “myths” that the SLRS “RedCoats” keep perpetuating is that the”former village board” is trying to “get rid of them”………….ah just a reminder folks, if we dissolve……..Silver Lake Rescue Squad STAYS IN BUSINESS!!!! Whether they would become part of the Salem Fire/Rescue plan is still an option, but since they wanted NOTHING to do with becoming part of Silver Lake Fire Department, I can’t fathom why they would want to become part of Salem. But they are NOT going out of business!…….so come up with another myth!

  31. The Hamlet of Silver Lake says:

    @ Moving forward – just to correct one of your erroneous statements – regarding the business park. Mr. Albrecht was responsible for developing the addition to the park with the help of KABA. I was serving on the Plan Commission at the time and know that the new properties were sold to Lotus Light, The Boat Doc and Harm. They were give a specific amount of time (I believe 2 years) to start development or the village would buy the property back and get new businesses in who would develop within the required time. KABA had lined up several interested business, but the board at the time decided that local people where to be given the first opportunity to purchase. Lotus developed within the required time, the other two did not and are still in breach of contract — the time expired during Roger Johnson’s presidency, but the board made no effort to reclaim the property. An ex-president cannot be held accountable for the failures of his/her successor.

  32. I look at it this way…… or better yet..Ask yourself… “Would you rather a developer with crazy ideas of condos littered along Silver Lakes shorelines. as we lose everything because we went broke as a Village??” or would you rather be proactive and interject and take control of the situation in an orderly fashion. to better our standing, TOGETHER, dissolve, and accept the help we need to right the ship, before it’s too late?? too many Pro’s in the eyes of many!! Join us and we can get this Village back in a positive light!! rather just another broke down spot on a map.. with the only recognition to people a “Speed Trap” when Silver Lake, Wisconsin comes up in casual conversation.

  33. @the hamlet of silver lake says:

    What erroneous statement did I make about the business park. I said it was small And had no water system. To bring in mid to large businesses in. Both are fact so again what erroneous statement did I make?

  34. TOP COP says:

    I see Chief Kingsley has tried to make the “Resolve to Dissolve” movement about his police department getting “caught in the middle” between SLFD and SLRS. Sorry Chief, with all due respect, NEITHER of those entities are a threat to you or your department. You should be more worried about KCSD and the services that they can provide at a FRACTION of the cost you are able to do so.

  35. dumb says:

    Sorry for the typos my mind got faster than my fingers. The bottom line you residents on board with this have been fed a line of crap. If half as much effort was put in to making the village better as what has been put in to dissolving it it migt get fixed. Boy i hope everyone stops drinking that kool aid. Oh quick fact. The village of paddock lake is currently paying 195000 a year for salems fire and rescue services. They dont tell you that.

  36. dumb says:

    As for bernard. I know who you are and feel free to contact me. Im sure you know who i am. I have a lot of respect for you but this is insane

  37. Bernard Punsley says:

    @dumb………what makes you think we(the Moving Silver Lake Forward group)are NOT trying to make our village better? What “efforts” have you seen our current board make to improve our plight? WHY did 440 residents sign our petition forms? Your “fact” that Paddock Lake is currently paying $195,000 a year for Salem to provide fire and rescue services means WHAT? WHAT EXACTLY is your point? Do you think it is going to cost Silver Lake $195,000/year if we dissolve? Just another “MYTH” folks like you like to spread. Now as long as you are citing “quick facts”(your words,not mine, dumb)…..the village of Silver Lake Police Department budget is @$550,000 a year. What is going to happen to THAT ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY if we dissolve? Hmmmmmmmnnnnnn, you might call yourself “dumb”, but don’t think the rest of us are drinking from the same trough that you are. I would urge you to check out the facts, and not make your decision based on the rhetoric, hype and myths that “the opposition” is spewing forth. If you claim to know me and respect me as well as you do, you KNOW the dedication I have to OUR village and our citizens. We did not get into this “Dissolve Movement” lightly, a group of highly motivated citizens that share a great committment to our community sought other methods to improve our plight, but were consistently shut down by the board. We merely adopted their mantra of “let the people decide”…..and the people WILL get to decide. So why the hysteria, “dumb”? You and the SLRS folks have tried to make this a “Save Silver Lake Rescue” issue, Chief Kingsley has tried to turn it into a “Save Silver Lake Police Dept. issue”..the REAL ISSUE here is SAVING SILVER LAKE!!!! “MOVING SILVER LAKE FORWARD” is the best chance we have of doing that………and folks are beginning to realize that. We have no “hidden agenda”(we sure have been accused of it). But ask yourself this, “dumb”…what is the “agenda” of those that OPPOSE MOVING SILVER LAKE FORWARD. If you haven’t figured that our already, maybe your moniker really is accurate!

  38. Stupid Is as Stupid Does says:

    @”dumb”……….ah…..I think your post speaks for yourself. EVERYBODY knows who Mr. Punsley is, so try not to take too much credit for that gem of a proclamation. Oh boy.

  39. Bernard Sighting says:

    It has been reliably reported that Bernard has taken to wearing a brown paper bag over his(her?)head while out in the public eye in the village, in yet another weak attempt to disguise their identity. Nice try, BP…….EVERYONE knows who you are…..why don’t you shed the shackles of secrecy and STAND UP and declare your (known)identity to ALL! Don’t know why, I keep humming the Christmas tune..”I Saw Momma Kissin’ Santa Claus”.

  40. Hey dummy says:

    Ok you tell the people that if they spend as much time tying to make the village better than dissolving it. What are you doing to make the village better? What are your plans and solutions of making it better? So maybe if you spend less time resisting change things will get better. If anyone has any vision they would see that the village will never grow. So yea I will stick with the kool aid while you stick with the beer at the bar with all the other blind resistors

  41. dear dumb says:

    Village of Paddock Lake pays because their are not residents of the town. They are not taxpayers. Village of Silver Lake would pay too as the Village government, because we are not town tax payers. Unless and until the Silver Lake dissolves and becomes part of the town. At which time, the village people are PART OF THE TOWN and are INCLUDED IN THEIR TAX BASE with one of the lowest Tax bases in the area. We become one and are just like the other residents of the town and get all of the benefits. Why? Because our tax dollars will go to the Town and not to this cliquish government that we have now.

    The kool aid is being touted as being on the dissolvers table. Not hardly. We have seen the light and it is bright. So bright that we are running towards it!

    Dissolve with Resolve!
    Resolve to Dissolve!

  42. to the dumb guy says:

    yes you are dumb alright. Paddock Lake pays $149.000.00. SL would have paid $100.000.00 per year. We have man power equipment and a building we bring to the table and they take over the up keep. This is a big ticket item. You have been poisoned by kool aid dumb.

  43. Bernard Punsley says:

    @”dumb”….how ’bout you buy me a beer at Uncle George’s and we can dicuss the issues?

  44. Silver Lake Sinking says:

    Here in Silver Lake, our fire department is floundering, we are stuck with the massive costs of “our” new library building, a half million dollar police force, an antiquated sewer system, state mandated revenue caps that limit our tax intake to maintain what we have, a deteriorating “downtown”, nearly invisible “industrial park”, and a village board that has virtually no “Master Plan” to address any of it! Anyone who tries to present issues or address problems or provide possible solutions gets “THE GAVEL”! And now, under newly enacted “Protocols”…..a police escort out of the building if they dare speak up! Sort of like Chief McFarlane got when he was booted out of the building. Enough folks finally had the courage to stand up and say “NO MORE”……and hence the MOVING SILVER LAKE FORWARD movement was born. As the “resistance” tries muddy the waters, they consistently fail to provide any viable alternatives, and ironically, make the RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE movement even more attractive. When the “detractors” try to make their case, ask yourself…”what’s in it for them”? In most cases, the answer will be pretty apparent! Our ship is SINKING……the MOVING SILVER LAKE FORWARD effort is the best lifeline we can grab on to!

  45. Just Friends says:

    why cant be adults and solve this the right way? This ” news article” is not the right place to do it. the right place is on the first tuesday of november. If you have a problem with dissolving, vote against it. If you for it vote for it. But writing nonsense on here back a forth to people is like high school better yet elementary. Grow up people we live in the Land of the FREE. We as Americans have the RIGHT to vote and change. if you don’t like the out come of something thats fine, but you cant say you didnt try. I dont like the out come of things that have happened in this nation, but i’ve tried change them. I’ve contacted me state reps and senators.

    Remember people complaining on a ONLINE news paper does not solve the issues. you just makes you sound unitellaget and scared.

  46. newman says:

    SL Get rid of your over paid and over staffed PD $500.000 for your police force. I just don’t see why they have so many cops in SL & you sometimes see 2 officers in the same car??. Big time waste of tax payers money. SL should of gotten rid of SLPD a long long time ago. Because they are the ones keeping ppl from coming to SL. Bring in KCPD and cut your police budget in half.

  47. Oshun says:

    What speaks most is those in the know who dissent have become targets of abusive power, can speak with clarity of the transgressions and have not reached this decisive action lightly. The desperation for a balanced leadership that can resolve and compromise without egos is evident. May the will of the majority turn out and speak with votes!

  48. Angry resident says:

    What would be beneficial is doing a story on the sewer rate residents are charged. My water bill is $90 a month yet they charge me a $250 dollar sewer charge. How is it legal to charge you twice the amount for disposal. Yes. We need a petition.

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