County Dog Park in Paddock lake to be named for local veterinarian’s family

Bill and Sarah Harris (center), their sons and County Executive Jim Kreuser (far left) and the temporary Harris Family Dog Park sign.

Paddock Lake based veterinarian Bill Harris has been helping dogs and other pets in the area for 30 years.

Now he has found a way to say thank you and benefit those dogs — and their owners — in a long-term way.

Harris recently made a donation of $12,500 to support the county operated dog park inside Old Settlers County Park in Paddock Lake.

In turn the county will name the park the Harris Family Dog Park.

The two other dog parks in county parks have also been named for benefactors.

“When I found out that it wasn’t supported by any taxes, I thought it was a good way to give back to the community for the support they’ve shown me for the last 30 years,” Harris said at a short ceremony Wednesday evening at the park. Besides Harris, his wife Sarah and their children, elected officials in attendance were Paddock Lake village President Marlene Goodson, county Supervisor Mike Underhill and County Executive Jim Kreuser.

Harris, who has been active in community service but typically in a quiet way, said he at first was reluctant to have the park carry his family name, but he changed his mind when he thought of it as a thank you to the families he has served over the years as a vet.

“It’s been wonderful to have the community support me for the last 30 years,” Harris said. “It’s nice to give back …”

Several dogs are depicted in silhouette on the new Harris Family Dog Park sign, all based on dogs Harris has owned through the years.

Goodson praised the park as not only good for the dogs and their owners but also for village businesses.

“The business community has taken this by storm,” Goodson said.

The dog park appears to have greatly increased the use of the park. Jon Rudie, Kenosha County Parks operations general manager, said the year before the dog park was created at Old Settlers Park the car count was about 13,000. The first year of the park, the same count was 85,000.

Kreuser said the donation will be used for improvements at the facility. Harris said he would like to see some benches installed at the park for starters.


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  1. Henrietta Michalek says:

    Doctor Harris has been treating my pets from the start. 3 dogs, 3 cats and one miracle. Doctor Harris saved the life of my cat Eddie Munster after he’d been shot with an arrow. My husband, the 3 dogs, 3 cats, Eddie and I all thank Doctor Harris for his wonderful work. We’ll utilize and support the Harris Pet Park proudly!

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